BA Capability

BA Capability

BA Capability enables you to measure and monitor your organisation’s capabilities based on your assets which includes your human capital. Visualisation and simulation of how staff or resource movements can impact your Capability which inturn determins how effectively you can deliver a service to your clients. Learning and Capability Intelligence is also key to many organisation’s decision making process. BA Capability enables you to analyse parallel Capabilities and forecast future needs to assist with capacity planning. BA Capability will allow you to see what you have, where you are and where you need to go to achieve the best outcomes from your existing and future capabilities, and show you where you need to bridge the gaps. BA Capability includes:

  • Workforce Development and Planning
  • Organisational Capability Management
  • Existing Asset Mapping
  • Capability Forecasting and Planning
  • Gap Analysis
  • Existing Capability Management and Monitoring
  • Future needs analysis

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