BA Sales and CRM

BA Sales and CRM

BA Sales and CRM brings an enterprise approach to managing the sales, e-commerce and marketing efforts of an organisation with more. Task automation, builtin workflow, customisable reporting engines, business process engines, e-commerce, resource and inventory management and pure integration to name a few of the many reasons why BA Sales and CRM sits above the rest for managing your data. Being part of the BA family of applications allow organisations to bridge the disconnect commonly found for this vital aspect of information with online mobile app capabilities and the seamless visibility across business areas. BA Sales and CRM includes:

  • Sales – Invoicing, debtors, payment, analytics, inventory management, built in Shopping Cart
  • CRM – Client management, case management, communications, contact management, opportunity management
  • Channel Management – for managing your partners and affiliates
  • E-Commerce – Online payments, web-forms, process automation
  • Completely customisable
  • Sales Agreement Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Web forms

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