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About BA

Business Applications is a multi-national Software company with Australian Headquarter. We have
successfully delivered a range of products and services to the Mining, Government, Education and
Enterprise ICT industries, since 1999. Our group consists of several specialist divisions with industry
specific skills and expertise. This enables us to deliver specialised, up-to-date and world-class solutions
to specific industries. For more information on BA please visit www.bsnapps.com.

BA products are engineered to enable automation of your processes, which can lead to significant
performance optimisation and cost efficiencies. We provide flexible pricing model to
deliver manageable and predicable cost-efficient technology solutions.

BA products are Web based on-line systems capable of being deployed over the Internet or your
Intranet. BA Core system is an engine that is flexible, performance optimised and extensible. Allowing
us to adapt the product to your emerging needs quickly and cost-effectively.

We bringing fresh attitudes and innovative ideas to the Australian marketplace. Our executive team have,
between them, more than 200 years of solid experience at the coal-face in the delivery of successful
Business and ICT solutions. These attitudes and ideas coupled with our broad experience allows us to “do
things differently”. We work with you, taking the time to understand your business and its vision, model
and objectives. This is because we recognise that each business is different, offering its own blend of
challenges and opportunities.

Our team is dedicated to building ongoing and productive relationships with our customers and, as such,
our guarantee to you is that our team will always be committed to nothing less than the highest standards
of excellence in everything we undertake. We look forward to working with you in the near future to
demonstrate that commitment.

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