Organisational Capabilities

CEO to Managers

Our Organisational Capability applications enables targeted information required at each level of the management structure. Our Capability Applications can assist in:

  • Understanding of key organisational capabilities across the organisation
  • Understanding how your human capital contributes towards your organisational capabilities
  • Measuring, monitoring and simulating how your human capital changes impact on capability measures
  • Measure and monitor progress of your capabilities
  • Understand how capabilities impact your key business functions
  • Measure how capabilities impact your organisation’s functional attributes such as time-to-market or quality of products and services you deliver.

A few Key Functions

Here are a few key functions of our Organisational Capability Management Application designed to help manage, monitor and develop your organisational capabilities:

  • Key capability targets broken down into divisions and business units
  • Understanding the impacts on your capabilities with changes to your operating environment, staff members, skill set and training requirements
  • When developing a new Capability model based on existing or similar capabilities to better understand the impacts
  • Top down understanding from Divisional down to individual business units.
  • View how changes to staff members impact your overall capabilities and performance
  • View for each level of the organization from C-Levels to team-leaders
  • One Information System collating data, and extracting the right information for your people when they need it most

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