Safety and Health Management System

Safety and Health Management System

BA can help you easily create a comprehensive SHMS, which is online, secure and available from our Human Appliance devices. These can also be linked into your training materials, Job Roles and Job Activities to ensure your workforce is capable of easily accessing information when it is most needed. In BA you can create and manage the following:

  • setting up hierarchical structures and relationships that encompass strategy level to operating procedures
  • creating policies, procedures and related documents or forms that are online and accessible from our Human Appliances
  • cross linking these artefacts to people’s roles and activities, so pertinent information is always at your fingertip
  • incorporate multimedia (videos, audios and interactive instructional contents) and rich contents into your SHMS
  • allow controlled access to specific content based on job roles
  • classify SHMS content by category and associate them to job roles
  • incorporate learning and development into your SHMS

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