Apps Platform as a Service

For companies who need visibility of business operations to make informed decisions, BSNAPPS APaaS is the Connected Apps Platform that powers intelligent decision-making.

Apps Platform as a Service is a central data hub that powers a suite of business activity apps, which manages all your record-keeping, projects, documents and resources. Add and customise apps from the BSNAPPS Marketplace to tailor the platform to all of your operational needs.​

Process Improvement & Optimisation

Reduce time and effort across your teams by automating business processes and streamlining workflows. Receive Business Process Optimisation as standard when you signup with BSNAPPS, so you can immediately reduce administrative overheads and re-allocate resources to proactive projects.

Data Integration & Management Visibility

Search and correlate data from one central source for improved business intelligence, visibility and decision-making. Fully integrated reporting lets you assess risks and collaborate effectively. Maintain data integrity and accuracy. Save money across the business with efficient planning and more profitable allocation of resources.​

Knowledge Sharing & Team Collaboration

Retain internal knowledge and facilitate communication between teams with an in-built ‘social working’ functionality that allows staff to quickly and easily Like, Share or Comment on projects. Enable workforce mobility and flexibility by saving time on monotonous tasks. Desktop and internet-enabled device friendly.

Streamlined Record-keeping & Information Management

Consolidate, correlate and collaborate on your record-keeping activities. All your records and documents are in one place, which allows you to focus on your core business without getting tied down on logistics.

Platform Core Capabilities

Central Communication Controls

Using multiple delivery channels (Email, SMS, Push notifications)

Document Management

Version controlled document management repository. Document Management is a core function in all apps. You can create categorised documents, share, secure and collaborate on documents.

Workflow and Tasks

Centralised task and workflow app to manage standalone tasks or tasks associated with other records such as Incidents, Enrolments or Order completion.


Security Group based access to apps and records. Categorised by Department, Business Units and Teams. Provide secure access to information for users external to your organisation. Support for multi-factor authentication. We are ISO 27001 Certified.

BSocial Collaboration

Enterprise Social media and social workflow. Easily share information with colleagues, like and comment on activities such as Incidents, Hazards or Risk Assessments. Gamification of performance.

CX – Zero Customisation

Enables developers to easily extend BSNAPPS UI components, Business Processes and extend Records with custom fields and forms using our AppJSON UI and AppScripts.

Cloud Deployment

BSNAPPS Apps Platform as a Service is offered in two configuration options dedicated private cloud or shared cloud. APaaS is multi-tenant SaaS model to ensure you have confidence and peace of mind in relations to your data.


Apps can be distributed to all devices instantly. We also offer offline apps for recording information in environments with limited or no connectivity.

Free trial

Request a free demo or trial for BSNAPPS Apps Platform. We engage with you to understand your requirements and provide a tailored demo/trial which addresses your needs.

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