Talent Management Apps

Department App

Create and manage Internal Departments within your organisation. Manages organisation hierarchy and structure.

Team/Crew App

Create and manage team level structures and specify Services delivered by the team, Job Roles required and Capacity requirements for Talents and Equipment.

Job Role App

Define Job Roles, specify both mandatory and recommended training requirements, skills and skill levels and analytics to identify suitable candidates within the organisation who can perform this roles. Automation settings to speed up recruitment processes and on-boarding processes. Integrated with Training and Learning apps. Welcome emails with automated enrolments, e-forms and on-boarding requirements.

Skill App

Define skills and rating levels required for performing different activities within your operational processes. For example skill-levels required to fulfil a role or participate in delivering a service.

Talent App

Manage individuals within your organisation. Supports both employees and contractors. Manage personal records, medical records, leaves, PDP, Skills, Trainings, Shifts and more!Staff have their own self help apps to manage their restricted personal records, undertake training activities, plan career progressions, review in-progress and previous-signed of Professional Development Plans, request leave and review their own Shift allocations.

Leave App

Enables managers, team-leaders and Shift owners to review Leave Applications and approve/reject leaves.

Shift Design App

An intuitive Roster designer and automator app to easily create large number of shifts, define capability requirements (for both people and equipment) and collaborate with colleagues before publishing it. With analytics to help you identify risks associated with people being away or equipment being unavailable during shift periods.

Capability App

Enables delivery of targeted information required at each level of the management structure to understand organisational performance based on your workforce capability. Capability app enables you to: understand key organisational capabilities across the organisation; understand how your workforce contributes towards your organisational capabilities; measure, monitor and simulate how your human capital changes impact on capability measures; measure and monitor progress of your capabilities; understand how capabilities impact your key business functions; and measure how capabilities impact your organisation’s functional attributes such as time-to-market or quality of products and services you deliver.

Service App

Organisational Capability driven Service Delivery app. Manage Services you deliver and the required capabilities to deliver the Services. Define service requirements with Roles, Training, Equipment and associate with specific facilities or business centres to identify Talents and Assets required to fulfil Service Delivery. Measure your Capabilities and ensure you have the right people and the tools required to delivery these Services.

Analytics App

Visual Dashboard and analytics to help you better understand your talent pools, capability, gaps and operational needs. Create "what-if" scenarios to simulate scalability; identify people from existing talent pools to help reduce talent acquisition costs and training costs. Gap reports for Team/Crews by people or equipment types. Training matrix reports. Expiry reports by teams or departments and much more!

Insightful reporting

  • Integrated Capability Reporting
    24/7 access to real-time single and integrated capability report of your workforce outlining the number of qualified, awaiting endorsement and endorsed individuals within a one or more departments and business areas to outline any capability gaps.
    Identify capability gaps across one or multiple business units based on the actual number of staff
    members required vs. available.
    Easily identify groups of employees across departments and agencies that are candidates for career progression based on specific role requirements
  • Gap Analysis
    Provide ability for each employee to identify their gaps based on current job role, skills and knowledge required for targeted career progression
    Cross agency job matching, internal candidate skills and knowledge mapping
  • Exception Reporting
    Automated professional development exceptions overview notification available to supervisors
    Automated expiry notifications
    Crew/Team Operational Gap Analysis

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