Training and Learning Management Apps

Qualification App

Manage Nationally Recognised Qualifications, packaging rules, unit groups and VET specific fields including AVETMISS, State specific and Vet Student Loan Data.

Product App

Manage training products such as courses, units, services, qualifications, NRT courses and non-NRT courses. Supports multi-qualification products, automations associated with enrolments, assessments, completion, purchasing, e-commerce (add-to-cart), workflow and both simple and complex pricing rules as well as pricing agreement between organisations within your supply-chain.

Unit App

Manages Unit of competencies synched with NCVER data. Enables you to define core Unit data and variable data that are State or other regulator dependant. Supports AVETMISS and VET Student Loan data. Allows you to define assessment requirements, pre-requisites and automating completions based on hours of classroom activities, online learning objectives and assessment tasks.

Trainer App

Manage both internal and contract trainers including those via partner networks and auspice arrangement with clients. Trainer app allows you to configure scope (i.e. what they are allowed to train or assess) and configure required documentations such as PDs, resume, insurance, LLN, TAE as well as documents that are jurisdiction specific or specific to their scope of delivery.

Assessment App

Create and Setup Assessments which includes online assessments, assignments, e-learning courses (e.g. Complete online workbook prior to attending class room activities) or workplace assignments. Assessments can be configured to be both online and offline. For example, assessors working in internet crippled environments such as underground mine or remote sites are able to conduct assessments offline and sync back when connected. Assessments in conjunction with Performance Criteria app assists you with maintaining compliance and ensuring Unit of Competency requirements are being met.

Co-Provider App

Co-Providers/Partner organisations are those who conduct nationally recognised training under an agreement with you. Manage agreements and their compliance obligations with easy to configure-and-forget rules. Process specific rules can also be configured to ensure certifications cannot be rendered without specific rules being met. BSNAPPS has innovated a pre/post paid approach based for Co-Providers which is a significant game changer for the industry.

Resource App

Resources are utilities required in delivering training activities such as rooms, manikins, equipments, etc. Manage stock, availability and costs. Supports automatic calculations based on participants, trainers and durations.

Client App

Manage corporate clients, their staff training, agreements, purchase orders and much more! Clients also have their own booking app that enables them to enrol one or more individuals into multiple courses across various sessions. Clients can book individuals, pay using credit card, purchase order or invoice and book their staff into one or more courses. Booking and Payment rules can be configured per client based on past history.

Performance Criteria App

Helps you Manage Performance Criteria and Elements associated with Nationally Recognised Unit of Competencies. You can attach Performance criteria across Assessments and Units to ensure assessment designs meet your Unit of Competency requirements.


AAC app helps you manage and maintain the Australian Apprenticeship Centres you work with.

Planner App

Planner app helps you group, manage and schedule training events, classes and students. Supports one or more courses, Trainer collaboration and booking acceptance, cost management, resource management, scheduling classes, online booking into events, Client specificc events, public events, Co-Provider/Partner specific events, bulk operations and much more!

Invate App

Online booking app for individuals and business to book into training events or online-courses. Easily integrates with your web-site. Supports multiple payment methods including Credit Card, Invoice and Purchase Order, Group Bookings, Calendar based view, Location based view, Booking into Online-Courses, AVETMISS enrolment form data, custom fields, private courses and much more.

Survey App

Questionnaire app allows you to create surveys for Learners Engagement Survey and Employer Statisfaction Survey. Powerful Analytics to obtain insightful information from responses including demographics information, trainer performances, effectiveness and optional machine learning based sentiment analysis on free text responses to identify negative feedbacks. Responses are used to create Additionally you can create custom surveys and Assessment questions using this app. Assessment Questions can be form part of Assessment Tasks. These assessments can be performed online and offline using the offline app on a mobile device.

Learner App

Manage learners, their enrolments and progress. Personal details include standard AVETMISS data, State specific data, Apprenticeship and Traineeship data, CRICOS data including COE, Health insurance, breach information and attendance tracking, payment information including payment plans and more!


An AVETMISS wizard app to help you identify data and reporting issues before they become a risk. Provides in-app tools to update data and automate reporting based on training activity dates and reporting period.

VET Reporting App

Provides reporting app for AVETMISS National, NSW, QLD, WA, NT, SA, TAS and VIC. CCOS reporting, AQTF Learner Engagement reporting, WA RAPT reporting, WA CQR reporting, SA CQR reporting, VSR Submissions and VET Student Loan reporting.

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