Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Managing people and the capital of those people is complex. More and more organisations are starting to leverage the capital already existing in their organisations through systems typically found outside the scope of their more cumbersome HR & Payroll systems. Our Talent Management applications help bridge the gap in identifying and utilising existing and future human capital within organisations to drive better outcomes for employees and for all.
Persona modules include:

  • People Management
  • Assigning job roles, training needs, role requirement management, HR records
  • Identifying and preserving existing talent, gap analysis
  • Skills Analysis & Recruitment
  • Job matching, internal candidate qualification

Talent Acquisition Process

BA’s Talent Management application can help deliver unprecedented process improvements within Talent Acquisition processes. From job analysis to acceptance steps, we could automate and reduce a significant number of manual tasks to help you focus on areas of need. Burgstein products and services can assist you:

  • Identify people within the workforce with required skills for benchmarking job roles and positions for a better recruitment result
  • Advertise directly to both internal and external sites
  • Identify existing resources from your Talent Pool
  • Receive applications and automate shortlisting based on matching attributes from candidates and roles
  • Compare scores and measurements for applicants
  • Automated Training Needs analysis
  • Automate HR tasks post acceptance

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