Automating the Onboarding Processes

Automating the Onboarding Processes

Onboarding refers to the process of transforming a new worker (employees and external contractors) into productive members of your organisation. From Recruitment to Operationalising steps, we could automate time consuming tasks and reduce a significant number of manual tasks to help new starters reach maximum effectiveness quicker, ensuring people capital is utilised sooner and downtime is minimised. Onboarding process without BA can occupy significant effort for your HR, Administration, Safety and Training areas. BA products are designed to automate these tasks to ensure you can reduce administrative activities and allow you to focus on important strategic objectives. BA can help you:

  • automate workflow to ensure new starters have access to job related training and learning without delays
  • streamlined and automated data entry tools • automated learning and development activities with virtual classroom and interactions with onsite and offsite trainer and assessor
  • external training provider portal can be used to allowed access to external Training providers
  • automate communication with specific messages to reinforce key values that are associated with the recipient’s role
  • this can be extended to include external contractors • external contractors are able to upload their own data (with required verification)
  • external contractors can address training gaps where applicable
  • external contractors can be subjected to its own level of controls
  • external contractors can be governed by your organisational procurement and compliance regulations
  • integrated analytics tools to create interactive reports
  • automated scheduled reports can be generated and sent via email


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