Automating the Learning Process

Automating the Learning Processes

In many mining companies, the learning processes require a significant internal administrative intervention to track, manage and ensure compliance. BA provides a fully standards compliant Learning Management System (LMS) to help you achive E-learning objectives. Some of these include:

  • automated alerts to trainers and learner when progress stalls
  • automated escalation of alerts and events based on your Business Rules
  • rich multimedia content in your learning and training content to ensure your learners are engaged
  • signed documents can be uploaded as assessment evidences
  • automated alerts when a learner has submitted their assessment
  • automated marking of assessments
  • deliver blended learning – to cater for both ELearning and Classroom based activities
  • automated email to Learners to book their Classroom based training upon completing the online activities
  • custom rules on specific courses – ie. automated alerts and events created to learner and appropriate control bodies

to ensure training renewals are occurring

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