BSNAPPS Appliances – Handheld Devices and Kiosks

BA Human Appliances are pre-configured computer equipment designed to revolutionise how your workforce accesses and manages information. Having the right equipment in place can help increase safety, reduce time spent of recording and managing data, and eliminate the error-prone and costly paper trails surrounding much of the mining industries current practices. Our appliances allow you to achieve robust and flexible operating capabilities by bringing information assets such as Learning Materials, Assessment Records, People Profiles, SHMS and SOPs to our Human Appliances. Our appliances could enable:

  • onboard electronic SHMS (Safety and Health Management System)
  • online & offline capabilities – operates in online and offline environment
  • handheld devices that are intrinsically safe to operate in the mining environments
  • kiosks that are designed to be secure, specifically in consideration of vandalism
  • touchscreen kiosk terminals running portals directly into applications to access records
  • ability to video/audio on-the-job assessment evidences in offline and online mode (synched in online mode)
  • ability to deliver multimedia content for your staff/contractor to efficiently deliver training, SOPs, JSA and much more
  • ability to electronically record, incidents, risk assessments, training records and much more from our appliances and directly into BA Central

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