Jackie's Story

Here is her journey with BSNAPPS.

Jackie is a Senior Health, Safety and Training Administrator for a mid-tier Australian coal mining company. Her job is to ensure the optimisation of training processes across a large, diverse workforce and the management of regulatory and organisational training compliance requirements.

Unfortunately, she was experiencing stress of not have the right tools to provide transparency around workers’ availability to fill upcoming rosters.

A single day’s interruption can cost millions to a mining company. As a result of the perceived risks of unavailable workers, Jackie would routinely schedule unnecessary training of workers (such as D10 Dozer certification), despite having a surplus capacity. The overcapacity of worker training caused unnecessary costs, further pressure on upcoming worker rosters. The management of this broken process was causing Jackie to extend her work hours.


The BSNAPPS platform supports an ecosystem of applications (Apps) to more automate your business’ operational processes. The BSNAPPS Rostering and Crew Gap Analysis app provided Jackie with a holistic view of the data within minutes. For the first time Jackie had transparency of her crew’s capabilities. Knowledge is power!

The result Jackie’s stress and overtime went down. She is now empowered to do her job well!

In her own words: The introduction of the BSNAPPS solution has helped us immensely, we now have a system that inspires confidence and gives us the ability to ensure that our people are up to date with all their training requirements. The BSNAPPS team have been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you BSNAPPS!

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