Project Management

smarter tools to help you manage projects

collaborate | control | deliver | learn | manage | monitor | plan

  • Collaborate – Project Collaboration to help provide understanding, visibility and create a collaborative platform. Create Tasks and project view and publish directly to your intranet sites. Built-in workflow with approval points.
  • Control – Cost, quality and budget controls with automated visual and message alerts.
  • Deliver – Create deliverables and with visual monitor for progress of deliverables
  • Learn – Learn and view previous projects with similar attributes. Identify key people, equipments and products that were successful.
  • Manage – Manage deliverables, costs, communication, quality and control of your project processes
  • Monitor – Monitor progress of tasks and activities. Quality control KPI monitoring and progress checking. Alerts when KPIs are not met.
  • Plan – Our project learning and analysis tools can assist in better planning your objectives and goals. Automate analysis and planning based on past experiences. Predict costs quicker and plan effectively.


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