BSNAPPS 1ED – for the Australian Education Industry

BSNAPPS 1ED helps you grow and scale by automating administration heavy activities to help reduce your administration cost and resources so that you can focus on your priorities and your future innovations.

5 more reasons to choose BSNAPPS 1ED

  •     Minimal Data Entry – We have successfully eliminated a large number of data entry activities perform by many Training organisations like yours. This has helped our clients focus on growth strategy and scale up without the risk of heavy administration tapering profitability.
  •     Your Client’s experience is important to us – We have worked with a large number of training organisations in Australia and overseas to bring you the best-in-breed User experience for people you do business with. Including your Learners, Corporate Clients, Training Partners, Trainers and Assessors and more!
  •     Our Service – We care about the health of your business. Receive support from BSNAPPERS who know about your industry and really understands the pain points in your industry from regulatory compliance to leaner demographics.
  •     Take us Anywhere – We know mobility of information is more important today than ever! We have worked tirelessly over the past 4 years with our clients and partners to embed mobility into everything we manufacture.
  •     All in one – An integrated platform which focuses on integrating information for better decision making and apps that helps you do more in less time.
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  •     Online Training and Learning (LMS)
  •     Online Enrolment forms and surveys
  •     Billing Automation
  •     Online Booking and Payment
  •     Mobile App
  •     Automated Renewals
  •     USI and NCVER Integration
  •     Integrated Postcode Validation
  •     Online and Offline Assessment using Mobile devices
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Extensive Automation to reduce manual work

Innovative solutions for Short Course Providers

  •     Managing Co-Provider/Licensed Providers
  •     Online Compliance for your Partners and Trainers
  •     Automated Renewal and push notification alerts for your Trainers and Partners
  •     Compliance Library
  •     Trainer Compliance App
  •     Partner and Trainer On-boarding
  •     360degree automation of participants from registration through to certification
  •     E-Learning (LMS App), Distance Learning, Blended Learning and Classroom Learning
  •     Online Assessments both open and restricted to classroom perimeters
  •     Trainer availability and scheduling
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  •     AVETWizard App – reduces manual handling of data errors
  •     Supports every State specific reporting
  •     Skills council reporting
  •     Support for Apprenticeship and Traineeship
  •     Supports different funding contribution models
  •     Reconciliations – for funded training
  •     VET Student Loan
  •     Integrated with CHESSN
  •     HEIMS Reporting
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Government Funded Training

CRICOS – Training for International Students

  •     COE Automation
  •     Application process
  •     Breach Notifications
  •     Attendance Tracking
  •     Payment Plan/Payment Schedule
  •     Automated Scheduled Payment Drawing using Payment Gateway
  •     Communication History
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  •     Assessment Mapping Apps
  •     Unit and Assessment validation
  •     Validation of Qualification packaging rules
  •     Qualification and Statement of Attainment authentication
  •     Trainer compliance
  •     Quality Management System
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  •     Qualifications // Courses // Units // Assessment Tasks
  •     Product specific: Automation // Workflow // Pricing // Price Options
  •     Packaged Products (e.g. Multiple Courses bundled into a single product)
  •     Scope management
  •     Document Management // Product specific Content Management
  •     Product Agreements between Suppliers, Clients and Sales Channels
  •     Integrated with Training.Gov.Au Data
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  •     Channel driven Sales // Enrolment and sales tracking
  •     Portals for: Agents // Channel Partners // Clients // Co-Providers
  •     Product Agreements with: Agents // Channel Partners // Clients // Co-Providers
  •     Online Redeemable Coupons
  •     Purchase Order Support for large Clients
  •     Invoicing and Payments
  •     Online Payments (Post Pay and Pre Pay both may be configured)
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  •     Integrated Shopping Cart with Course booking (individuals and corporate bookings)
  •     Calendar and Location based bookings support
  •     Integrated with: Google Maps // Google Analytics // Facebook // Live Chat
  •     Supports Zero Dollar Enrolments for Internal Employees and Corportate Clients
  •     Private Bookings using BA Access Key
  •     Supports multiple bookings under a single order
  •     Highly configurable and customisable
  •     Sales Analytics
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  •     Individual and Corporate Leads
  •     Opportunity management
  •     Pipeline management
  •     Lead conversion
  •     Marketing campaigns and campaign asset managements
  •     Click through and open tracking
  •     Team based access and information sharing
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  •     AVETMISS National and for all States and Territories
  •     AQTF Quality Indicator Surveys and Reporting
  •     CCOS Reporting
  •     USI - integrated and self-help user experience
  •     WA – RAPT and CQR Reporting
  •     SA – CQR Reporting
  •     VIC - VSN and VSR integrated
  •     AVETMISS validation, debugging, autocorrection and automated alerts
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  •     Learner Apps
  •     Employer // Client Apps
  •     Trainer Apps
  •     Sales Agent Apps
  •     Licensed-Provider // Co-Provider Apps
  •     AAC Apps
  •     Channel Partner Apps
  •     Custom Apps
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  •     Governing, operating and managing the Learning processes of your learners
  •     Built in content development tool (courses, content, assessments, tests and much more)
  •     Import your learning materials
  •     SCORM, AICC and Tin Can Support
  •     Tailored Look & Feel for your customers
  •     Progress monitoring
  •     Activity monitoring
  •     Integrated Learning needs and Training needs analysis
  •     Automated alerts based on progress
  •     Automated notification based on learning rules
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  •     Analytics Report (500+)
  •     Report Library
  •     Scheduled Report
  •     Compliance Report
  •     Interactive Charts with drill-down
  •     Sharing reports and views
  •     Data Mining, Exports, Multiple formats
  •     Custom configurable Dashboard Reports
  •     Automated alerts based on progress
  •     Automated notification based on learning rules
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  •     Automated email & SMS notification (e.g. Training/Renewal reminders)
  •     Bulk enrolment and completions
  •     Automate UoC competency via Assessment Tasks / LMS
  •     Automated Task scheduling e.g. Email, SMS, Invoicing, Credit Cart Payments, etc.
  •     Business Process Automation
  •     Custom forms, fields and smart forms
  •     Workflow Automation
  •     Template driven email (e.g. Enrolment welcome email)
  •     Template driven document generation (e.g. Training Plans)
  •     Certificate Templates for Qualification // SOA // Non accredited training template
  •     Online certificate verification for Employers
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For small businesses (1 - 5 employees) looking to add online enrolment, automation and planning to grow.

Starting from $218/month.

  • Includes 10GB Storage
  • Lite Infrastructure
  • NO SLA
  • Online Support

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For medium-sized businesses (6 - 200 employees) looking to grow rapidly or find efficiencies with automation, online learning, e-commerce and while reducing administrative costs to enhance scalability.

Starting from $795/month.

  • Includes 100GB Storage
  • Premium Infrastructure
  • SLA
  • Phone Support (Australia)
  • Online Support

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For large enterprises and government organisations looking for efficiencies and better insights into organisational capabilities, operations, talent management, on boarding and enterprise.


  • Dedicated Custom Infrastructure
  • Australian Phone Support
  • Premium SLAs

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